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Goals Not Goals

Dear Friend,

I have big goals this year. Some of them are subtle changes that will allow me to be more present and practice self care, some of them have me stepping out of my comfort zone, and some of them will help me to be of service to my community and to you. All of them require me to Live With Intention. These are not goals, really, but rather lifestyle changes.

file-jan-08-3-35-29-pmPersonally, I have come a long way on my path in the last 2 years, or shall I say the last 5 (let’s be real). When talking with a friend we were saying how just one year ago seems like a million years ago! I’ve done a lot of internal work over that time and the changes are being shown in my outside world. Graduating college, moving our home, finding a job that came rather easily for me when the time was right, and joining Beautycounter are just a few examples of this.

I have to credit a few people/things that have helped me get centered and climb out of depression. One of them was finding Michelle Wolff and her offering of the Desire Map Workshop. This helped me to change my point of reference about things that were holding me back and the effects of that work are still happening today. She has since moved on from that program and has expanded her offerings to include more of her talents. I invite you to check them out for highly intuitive, straight up, dive deep, energy coaching.

Live With Intention

Another credit to my current positive outlook and for getting my mojo back is from the discovery of Young Living Essential Oils. These little bottles of pure olfactory goodness have helped to enhance my mood and increase my emotional state. Most of them raise my vibration just by diffusing or wearing them.

Another credit is Pure Barre Ft Wright. This 55-minute workout has probably saved my life. Not joking. Not because of the workout itself, but because of the amazing women (and yes, some men) that I’ve met there. They’ve become a family to me over the past 5 years and I am humbled by the love and support that happens whenever I walk through the door, not to mention the ass-kicking I receive in the studio! Best. Instructors. Ever.

Finally, of course, I give credit to my husband of 17 years and our two boys. They are my everything and have become the front-and-center of why I do what I do. Now, it hasn’t been easy and we’ve definitely had our challenges but their love and support have been steadfast during my changing soul seasons and I hope I can give back to them as they have given to me.


I tell you these things to let you know that if you’re struggling in any way; mentally, physically, and/or emotionally that I am with you and I can totally relate. I understand what depression feels like. I know what heartache can do to your psyche. And I know that if you don’t like where you are right now, that you have within you the power to change. It’s inside of you and it’s been there all along. It is important for me to shine my light so that you can do the same. That’s why my mantra in 2017 is “Create A Wave” of health and wellness. Together we can heal our hearts and change the world, one ripple at a time.

Until next time.

xo, michelle

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