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Is It Possible?

For many of my adult years of life I've felt guilt and shame for not "knowing what I want to be when I grew up". You know, the infamous question asked by caring family members and friends during school. And while I do think it's beneficial to think about this and to dream about the… Continue reading Is It Possible?

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What Shop Small Saturday Means To Me

Courage, Doubt, Bravery, Risk, Reward, Criticism, Hope, Heartbreak, Elation, Failure, Success. These are some of the feelings and emotions I've gone through in my small business in a little over a year. Making the decision to go into business, ANY business is scary. Outcome unknown. But we all know taking that first step toward action… Continue reading What Shop Small Saturday Means To Me

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Meet Beautycounter

Over the past 5 years I have been sharing on my Facebook wall how the ingredients in the food we eat are bad for our health. After I learned about organic and non-GMO alternatives, I turned to the household products we use to clean our home and ultimately to the products we use on our… Continue reading Meet Beautycounter